Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I am Sophie, founder of Bad Mum, a writer, a student with the Open University and most of all a Mum to my crazy beautiful little boy, Jake, who is also autistic so life can be pretty hectic (not to mention stressful!) 

I am in no way a Mummy blogger, I have been doing this for over 11 years so I am trying to keep it as old school as I possibly can. I like to sniff out the bullsh*t that seems to be everywhere over social media and keep it as real (and honest) as possible. 

We don't need to see filtered images to an inch of their lives, flowery walls, the staple Mummy uniform and don't even mention that brick wall to me...!

We need to see that we are all in this together, we all do the same things and we have all found it tough from time to time. 

I created Bad Mum magazine back in September 2016 and it has changed many times over the years to what it is now. Bad Mum has always supported fellow Mum's, small businesses and well, pretty much anyone!


Everyone is welcome. 

I am the Mum that won't be in the Mummy groups at the school gates, doesn't bake or do playdates, always looks bloody knackered so when I finally do make an effort you'll be blown away and loves my own company. My world is different because my son is autistic so I have little room in my head left for other people's crap. When you get called all the names under the sun (by your own child) that shit is like water off a ducks back. 

Anyway, that's me.

Sophie x

Drop Me a Line, Let Me Know What You Think

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